How We Do It

Special Features for Airlines

Two areas of interest are:

  • Airlines seeking better control over ticket consolidation through outside offices
  • Airlines seeking to streamline their internal operation -
    this may interest smaller regional carriers or even large international carriers with remote offices

    Because very few (and perhaps NO) other independent ticketing systems exist, the choice has always been

    A: Rely on a main frame CRS (costly)
    B: Hand-write your own (painful)

    TravPRO presents a better alternative: Computer-generated tickets produced in-house

    REGIONAL CARRIERS who sell their own tickets at airport counters may find it difficult to justify full CRS automation for a very limited application. The alternative is hand-written tickets and mind-numbing accounting.
    TravPRO for Windows installed at a ticketing counter can be preset with a number of mask PNRs showing the flight destination and ticket price. The airport agent needs only to click on the appropriate mask PNR, input the passenger name .. and PRINT!
    Transparently, TravPRO updates a totally in-house ticketing report. At the end of the day the agent produces a report of all sales activity to the administration office.
    Remote locations benefit too. Because the ticketing report is stored in a digital file, electronic reporting is very simple - by telephone line .. even by the Internet. The administration office is always on top of sales and cash flow. All the advantages of IATA's bank settlement accounting without the administration charges. Think about it!

    NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL CARRIERS may have many locations where full CRS automation cannot be justified. Still, efficiency and control are as important as ever. TravPRO's ability to produce professional IATA-standard tickets with or without the support of a CRS gives even the most remote office a full-status presence. Even more important, it gives head office a greater degree of control. Tickets generated are stored electronically .. and can be reported electronically. Whether by normal telephone connection or even the Internet, sales activity can be reported in pre-determined periods. Control of assigned ticket numbers is greatly enhanced.

    Be sure to check out the ticketing capabilities in the WHAT WE DO page and the SPECIAL FEATURES FOR CONSOLIDATORS page for other ideas.

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