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Special Features for Franchises/Consortiums

Among the strongest reasons for joining is to share in the power of the collective force. Marketing strategies, information exchange and, of course (dear to the hearts of one and all) collective negotiation with product suppliers.
Imagine the positive impact to all members if headquarters had at its fingertips, current collective sales figures - nation wide - for any particular vendor.
Imagine what you could do if you knew that your group was just "this close" (hold thumb and forefinger together with just a wee gap - squint through one eye - twist nose to one side) to hitting quota. A quick alert - even over the Internet - musters your troops all across the country. A real "push" gets you over the mountain and into some warm and fuzzy overrides.

Well, here's how it can happen. TravPRO can produce a report "by vendor" on demand. The report is sent (perhaps encrypted) - through the Internet to headquarters .. where all reports are merged for analysis. Overnight, headquarters rolls out its heavy artillery and is ready for an assault at dawn.

And when it's time to negotiate next year's contract the Generals (on your side of course) have all the tools in hand to press for the tightest deal ever.
Your information is far more valuable than the stuff your vendors have.
Think about it.
The Vendor only has his own figures. You have sales figures for ALL your vendors.
Moving just a little of the business one way or another could make all the difference in the world.

Has belonging to a consortium ever been this meaningful before?

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