How We Do It

Network Compatibility

TravPRO for Windows is at home with Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer Network Drivers which come packaged with Windows Operating Systems.

CRS Interface

TravPRO employs "ScreenScrape" technology in Windows to transfer Passenger Record Data from a CRS window to a TravPRO file. This circumvents the need for a conventional CRS interface with associated charges. Screenscrape grabs any information it finds on the surface of the active window, attaching it instantly to a transparent "clipboard". The operator simply steps over to the target window and drops the information. Data on the original screen is never disturbed.

The transfer is quick and accurate. TravPRO's interpretive software digests the captured data and recreates it's own record data using the original record locator, or one that is "system generated".

Ticket Printing
Itinerary Printing
Invoice Printing
Ticket Reporting
Special Features for Consolidators
Special Features for Airlines
Special Features for Franchises/Consortiums

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