The INTERNET - and the travel industry thereon

So - What's This World Coming To!

Alternately touted as the most revolutionary force since the ice age, decried as being much overstated and overrated, and shunned as a diabolical competitor with neither heart or soul - few will deny the Internet is here to stay.
Yes, it is all of the above. And MORE .. because the Internet's full potential is yet to be imagined.
The volatile travel industry is equally a beneficiary and a victim of this unstoppable front. The result - either good or bad - depends on the way it is used. The trick is to get the Internet working for YOU!

TravPRO for Windows embraces the new era that will be defined by the major players in the travel industry - not the least of which is the Internet.

TravPRO for Windows comes with:

Ticketing from the Internet

TravPRO can generate IATA standard airline tickets from any reservation source - including the Internet .. meshing the results into normal front and back office functions.

Most airlines and tour vendors have a presence on the Internet. Most even encourage direct consumer bookings.
A new threat? Not at all! Airlines have always encouraged direct bookings through toll-free telephone numbers. The Internet is just another way it can be done.
Customers have always demonstrated a preference for travel professionals because travel professionals have a proven record of product knowledge.
The challenge of the Internet's accessibility to the general public is that the travel professional must now demonstrate that he is more knowledgeable than his customer. He knows where all the best web sites are - knows what they offer.
The professional of the future will even be recommending web sites to customers.

Most airlines have developed "commercial" web sites - with particular focus on the travel professional. These sites would be accessed through a security code and would contain information - like net fares - not generally available to the public at large. Once again, there is a leading role for the professional to play in travel of the future.

Professionalism must reach higher .. and dig deeper.

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