The Venture Partners

Yellowhead DataPRO

MUSHTUK, ERNIE, founder and principal shareholder

Having spent the previous decade in the field of broadcasting in Edmonton, he moved to Edson Alberta in 1968 with a couple of broadcast colleagues to open West Central Alberta's first AM radio station. The next few years saw expansion. Lots of it. Another AM station in Hinton. A rebroadcaster in Whitecourt. One in Grande Cache. Another in Jasper National Park. And then, there was nothing exciting to do. Damn.

In 1976, he opened Edson's first travel agency .. and that's where all this monkey business began. Sure, it was fun .. but the paperwork could kill you! Within 2 years, small micro computers were starting to sprout at local stores. Heck! This was the answer! Why, within 30-days - okay, okay 40 max - he'd have a program written to do all that stuff.
In his DREAMS!!, as it turned out!
It took 30-days just to read the manual. Little by little, though - as his pupils developed their own flow-chart tracks - it all started coming together. Naturally a project of this historic momentum needed a project name .. maybe even a Company name. **Yellowhead DataPRO! The name came to him one night in what seemed to be a moment of communion with the Creator himself. The rest, as they say, is history.

**Yellowhead does not mean he was ever a blonde. It's the name of a pass through the Canadian Rockies to the Pacific Coast. Along the highway of the same name leading to and through this pass lies the unassuming town of Edson - where it all began.
In Geographical terms, Edson is located approximately one bladder-full west of Edmonton by car.

JAC Computing

COUTTS, JOHN - founder and principal shareholder

Invested the first decade of his working career with NCR (you remember, they were the cash register people then who were to become even better known for that funny multi-part paper). At NCR a "first brush" with logic boards and hardware (wasn't even known as hardware then) was to last forever. Heck, this stuff wasn't hard!

In time - a career change! Fresh out of University in 1976 a crisp new "professional engineer" scroll in hand, the oil patch whisked him off to Saudi Arabia .. then back to Canada with one of the major petro-chemical companies .. then to Malaysia for a stint in the steamy tropics. All this time with a computer never out of reach. **JAC Computing (his little sideline) kept on top of the exciting moves in the world of micro chips. He retired from the slimy hydrocarbon jungle just about the time, destiny records, Yellowhead DataPRO was contemplating its future in the Windows world. Coincidence?

**JAC stands for John A. Coutts. Who would have guessed?

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