FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will TravPRO reduce the paper load in my office?

As much as you want. All reports can be printed on demand. On the other hand, you can choose the ones you want .. and only the ones you want. You always get the option of displaying on screen or printing to paper.

What about General Ledger Functions?

We've gone out of our way to leave your options open here. Knowing that your corporate chartered accountant may have something to say about this, we say "Continue to do what you're doing if you're happy with your current G.L." We make the numbers your G.L. requires readily available to you. Total and individual sales, commissions, accounts receivable/accounts payable. Your job is simply to plug those numbers into their appropriate spots on the ledger.

So - how long are you guys gonna be around?

Valid question. The answer is - we were among the first on the market in 1976 when the earliest versions of micro computers first appeared on store shelves (well before the term "PC" was even heard). We're still here. We're still doing what we do.

Why would I use YOUR ticketing functions rather than provided by the CRS?

It's the ideal "transfer point" of data from a CRS to a 3rd party system. In TravPRO's case we read and translate the raw data and do our own formatting into a ticket display. It's the natural "cutover" point from which minimal operator-intervention is required. Data carries forward from ticket to itinerary to invoice just as it comes from the CRS. You can't get more accurate than that.

We also happen to believe that ticketing is rightfully an "in-house" function although until recently Main Frame CRSs were the only ones with enough computing power to provide the service. As in-house automation takes root, many CRS providers will encourage self-ticketing.

Okay. Having spewed on about TravPRO's ticketing capability we now hasten to point out that you can certainly choose to stick with conventional ticketing. TravPRO can work around that very well. Generating an "invoice" will give the system all the information it needs to keep the database fully updated.

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