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Special Features for Consolidators


Acts as a central ticket processor for several CRS servers. Say your business mix demands that you have both Sabre and Apollo in your office. You are confronted with some new decisions. Will you have ticketing capability from each CRS vendor? That suggests a whole string of office duplications and operation headaches. Alternately you are faced with creating passive PNRs in the ticket-equipped CRS. Manual inputs are time consuming and too often inaccurate. Either alternative is inefficient. Enter a third alternative - TravPRO for Windows.

Consider this scenario:

Negotiate a contract with your CRS vendors where they would supply their connection to your own PC-Based Office Network. As a third party supplier, each CRS vendor occupies a separate window in your LAN - a keystroke away from every agent in your office. TravPRO becomes the central ticketing agent for both of them. The result - no need for passive PNRs - all tickets are output to the same printer - a common ticketing report - common bookkeeping. That same LAN gives every agent access to each client's Accounts Receivable status. Now that's efficiency.

And furthermore ...
Because TravPRO re-invented ticketing, there are a few other features that may not be readily evident. Sometimes you consolidate for carriers who are not IATA members or - for other reasons - choose not to participate in the central bank/batching process. Would this mean (ouch) hand-written tickets and special hand-managed ticketing report? Not at all! The carrier provides you with his own ticket stock. You, in turn, provide him with a TravPRO-generated ticketing report - each transaction broken down by base fare, taxes and commissions - (you can even transmit the report via the Internet) and you are as fully automated with the non-IATA carrier as you are with the others. The carrier is happy because he retains control even at great distances; you're happy because you can earn additional revenue without adding to your workload.

And furthermore YET ...
What happens if you operate a retail division in conjunction with your consolidation business? Does that mean duplicated work, blending the weekly ticketing report manually? Not at all yet again! TravPRO for Windows can control two separate sets of accounts on the same network system; yet provide a blended ticketing report on demand at the end of the week.

And what else?
Weird commissions? TravPRO can handle 'em! No-Face-Value IT or BT Tickets? Can do!

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