So! What happens when I need help? Where will you be when I need you?

We use pcANYWHERE remote access software as a support base. It gives us the ability to help you no matter where you are (and, for that matter, no matter where we are). With pcANYWHERE - when you want us to - we can call in by telephone and have our computer talk directly to your computer. It's a way to help you out of any dilemma you might encounter that we can't talk you through with a normal telephone call. There is no additional charge for support or for program updates** during the life of your contract.

pcANYWHERE's 32-bit version (v7.5 or higher) supports Internet access .. which means that accessing your system does not necessarily mean a long-distance call.

**It should be noted that most software developers (and we are no exception) may have an "upgrade charge" in cases where a significant degree of development has resulted in a number of added features that were not available in earlier versions. Upgrade fees are generally modest and should be viewed as an incentive to keep the developer working at making the system continually better. Microsoft, for example, has always had an upgrade charge for newer releases of their world-famous operating platform. Though no one was compelled to upgrade (the old version still functioned), most users upgraded willingly because features and the added power of the newer release easily justified the cost.

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