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Ticket Printing

Printing IATA standard tickets as an in-house function rather than being driven by a main frame CRS is rather unique to TravPRO. For many years there was no other way to produce them quickly and accurately. Modern technology has changed all that. Today, there is almost no reason to control this function from a main frame source. Indeed, we believe that as ticketless travel erodes the demand for printed tickets - and as external economic pressures (from agents and airlines alike) force CRS vendors to cut their overhead, TravPRO's in-house ticketing feature will set the new industry standard.

Here's how we do it: A transferred PNR is selected by passenger name or record locator; the PNR information is displayed on screen

The operator clicks on "Format"; the PNR data is "painted" on the screen in exact ticketing format.

The operator sees the ticket (including multi-name files) just the way it will print.

It's the old "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" trick. It's nice to examine your handiwork before you're actually committed to it.

The image on the left is what you see. The image below is what the printer cranks out.

Ahhh! The finished product! It meets all the standards of IATA .. and it's generated by your own PC.

Now, even if your communication link is down .. you're not!

And without any more operator input this data carries forward to produce a personalized itinerary .. and outputs directly to an invoice. "The fewer fingers the better", we always say.

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