What we DO

As the entire industry unites under a common operating platform (virtually every CRS system now has a version operating under Windows), TravPRO was proud to be among the leaders of the migration. TravPRO - a full-blown 32-bit version - supports Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows NT platforms.

With that entire industry in mind, TravPRO has some special features for Agencies, Airlines, Consolidators and Franchises/Consortiums.

  • It's a robust network system, accessible by all computers in the office.
  • It interfaces with major CRS terminals and the Internet.
  • It issues front office documents: tickets, itineraries and invoices.
  • It does bookkeeping in "real time". No batch posting. No downloading.
  • It updates your Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable. Instantly. You simply issue an invoice.
  • It updates your ticketing report instantly. Call it up on screen anytime and see the ticket that was invoiced just split-seconds ago.
  • It pays your vendors by individual customer or in bulk
  • It does your bank deposits
  • It issues checks
  • It tracks commissions owed by vendors
  • Produces Hotel/Car Rental Vouchers (with commission-due reminders)

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