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THE PARTNERS a few personal notes about the folks pushing the buttons over here

TravPRO Technologies, Joint Venture Group

TravPRO Technologies is operated jointly by two companies incorporated under the laws of the Province of Alberta, Canada:

The Edson Boarding Company Ltd.
d/b/a Yellowhead DataPRO (inc. 1981)


5879654 Alberta Ltd.
d/b/a JAC Computing (inc. 1994)

The venture came together in 1994 for the express purpose of re-framing an existing travel-specific computer automation system - TravPRO for DOS - under what was by now the leading edge world platform - Windows!

Yellowhead DataPRO had been involved in development and marketing of TravPRO for DOS since 1978. In fact, we jumped into the game when the first TRS-80 Level 1 computer first hit Radio Shack display windows across the country. Pretty leading edge technology for its day! For storage you could hook it up to a cassette tape recorder and everything. Friends and neighbors marveled. (We've kept the original user's manual. It will be a museum piece some day.)

Of course, the honeymoon was not to last long. Soon IBM had jumped into the market with something weird called MSDOS. TravPRO was redesigned to embrace the new technology. We grumbled a bit at the time. Who could have known!

On TravPRO's home front, what started as a simple "ticket printing" function soon grew to itineraries .. and invoicing .. and the ticketing report .. and on and on.

We were constantly intrigued by the way we could avoid duplicating so many of the dreary, time consuming jobs that had us so - you know - root-bound. Does anyone still remember doing those hand-written ticketing reports - one for each airline - a separate check for each? Well that was nothing. Our tickets had been hand-written until then too. What a mess! .. but, we digress. Where were we? Never mind!

Now .. fast forward to 1994!
Though we were undisputed pioneers in micro technology for the travel industry, not surprisingly, others soon jumped into the game. It is with a certain sense of comfort that we say "we've outlived them all". 1994 was a crisis year of sorts. We saw Windows as the emerging world platform of choice. It would need major re-engineering. "Do we take the plunge", we wondered?

We plunged!

This is where JAC Computing came in. We'd been friends for a couple of decades so it wasn't a chance meeting - heck we had even collaborated on a couple of projects in the past. JAC had skills in Windows and an almost scary natural affinity for computer hardware (someday an autopsy will be performed ... never mind). Took a couple of beers to iron out the details .. we were off!

A full year of nose-to-the-keyboard design. Many of the original concepts were sound and were retained - but Windows had so much more power to offer. We had to harness all that power. That's what JAC had to address.

March, 1995 - we unveiled TravPRO for Windows.

THE PARTNERS a few personal notes about the folks pushing the buttons over here

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